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Re: merging mingw and cygwin

On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 08:16:33PM -0700, Paul G. wrote:
>On 11 Oct 2003 at 19:01, Edward Peschko wrote:
>>>What would be the point?
>>lack of end-user confusion...  elimination of duplicate development
>>effort...  elimination of duplicate maintenance effort...  the ability
>>to compile all unix tools 'native' win32 for those who desire it.
>Umm...Cygwin is setup to compile all, or as many as it is possible to
>support, unix/posix tools in a "native" win32 environment at a cost (in
>terms of systems resources).  The cost is lower (in terms of systems
>resources/overhead) for Msys than is the cost (in terms of systems
>resources/overhead and in terms of Unix-like support and Posix support)
>for Cygwin.  In fact it might help to read the documentation (if it
>hasn't been read) at the Mingw ( site to get a
>better sense of the differences between the two and why those
>differences exist.

I doubt that the overhead for Msys is any different than Cygwin's.
Msys came from cygwin, remember?


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