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Re: Question - msdos prompt window

At 01:51 PM 10/11/2003, garret.spears you wrote:
>I have been using the cygwin window whose properties say it is an MS-DOS
>Prompt for my console usage.  Under unix I would simply use an xterm window
>and set the xdefaults for window properties.

As Hannu has suggested, rxvt is your best bet if you don't like the console

>I feel that I am missing something and would like to get my console window
>to have both vertical and horizontal sliders.  Is there a solution to this

The console window can do this.  On NT/W2K/XP, change the screen buffer 
size layout property to be bigger than the window size (this is under the 
system menu properties for the console window).  On 9x/Me, you can really
only get this by using the mouse to resize your window to smaller than 
its default size.

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