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Re: 1.5.4-1: Problem with XEmacs, fonts, and subprocesses.

I wandered over here to see what was up with the bug report that started
this thread.  Igor's solution works for me.  Thanks, Igor!

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> But seriously, if anyone would like to be an official Xemacs liason and
> officially test snapshots when they happen that would certainly be
> welcome.  I will not be running Xemacs to test things, unfortunately.  I
> would be glad to work with someone who was willing to test debug
> versions of the Cygwin DLL and provide intelligent feedback on problems.

I'll do that.  I'm one of the XEmacs developers, by the way.  Also, if I
take on this role, it is with the caveat that I'm a professor, so I
reserve the right to be pedantic at the drop of a hat.  Er, no, what I
meant to say is that my schedule is somewhat unpredictable, except for
around finals time, when I can confidently predict that I will be
extremely busy.  If you're willing to work with a guy who might take 2
or 3 days to answer your email, I'm your man.

> I'll even give an automatic subscription to cygwin-developers to anyone
> who is willing to perform this service to the community.  I do this
> because I know that Xemacs is a popular package and, despite what I said
> above, I would like to ensure that it works correctly.

So would we XEmacs developers. :-)  It sounds good to me.  What other
lists should I subscribe to?  (I'm not subscribed to any Cygwin lists at
the moment.)

> If someone is interested in doing this perhaps they might also be
> interested in providing an Xemacs package for the cygwin distribution.
> This would be automatically preapproved.

Sure thing.  Do you want X with that?  (I prefer fries.)

Also, FWIW, I compared the environments of an XEmacs started from the
shell (working) and an XEmacs started from an icon (not working).  The
one started from the shell had these environment settings that were not
present in the nonworking version:

"PS1=\\[\\033]0;\\w\\007\n\\033[32m\\]\\u@\\h \\[\\033[33m\\w\\033[0m\\]\n$ "
"USER=[censored by Jerry]"

The PATH variables are different for the two versions, also.  The
difference is that the one started from the shell starts with
"/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:", and ends with ":/usr/X11R6/bin", both
of which are missing in the nonworking version.  If I'm reading the FAQ
correctly (, this could be the
source of the problem.

Are we doing something wrong, or should the PATH have been magically
modified somehow?
Jerry James

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