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Re: no longer administrator, can't mkdir /foo

On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Mike Maxwell wrote:

> This is for anyone else who reads this thread, looking for a solution.
> Mike Maxwell wrote:
> > Short of re-installing CygWin, is there a fix to all this mess?
> In the end, that's what I did: a new install.  Unfortunately, I haven't
> found every package that I had installed previously, so there are things
> that are broken: apropos doesn't always work, some man pages are missing
> (probably the same problem), some binaries are missing.  I install things as
> I find I need them.  I *wish* there were a way to find out everything that I
> had installed, some kind of database that CygWin would maintain, and which I
> could copy to my new install directory.  Sigh...
>     Mike Maxwell

Check out /etc/setup/installed.db (and other files in /etc/setup).  You
can use "cygcheck -c" to find out which versions of which packages you
have installed, and also to check whether any of the originally installed
files are missing on your system.
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