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Re: Installed 1.5.5, need to back off to 1.3.22

--- "David M. Karr" <> wrote:
> >>>>> "Larry" == Larry Hall <> writes:
>     Larry> At 08:30 PM 10/9/2003, Karr, David you wrote:
>     >> I have version 1.3.22 installed on another box.  On a new box, I
> decided
>     >> to go for broke and install 1.5.5.  Unfortunately, as others have
>     >> described, Xemacs doesn't work in this Cygwin version.  I need to
>     >> somehow uninstall what I have and install version 1.3.22.  I've
> perused
>     >> the FAQ and install information, and did some searches on the mailing
>     >> list archives, but I don't see how to do this.  I did notice
> information
>     >> on how to "uninstall" cygwin, by manually deleting directories and
>     >> registry entries, but I didn't see how I can install an older version.
>     Larry> Simply rerun setup, point it at a mirror or your local package
> directory
>     Larry> with cygwin 1.3.22, and click on the second column in the package
> listing 
>     Larry> until 1.3.22 comes up.  Voila!  You're ready to install 1.3.22
> now.  Be 
>     Larry> aware that you'll need to "downgrade" any packages that require
> 1.5.x in 
>     Larry> order for 1.3.22 to work without complaint for all applications. 
> Note, I'm 
>     Larry> not recommending this course of action in any way.  I'm just
> answering your 
>     Larry> question.  Your better, more productive route is to try to figure
> out a 
>     Larry> solution for XEmacs so that it works with 1.5.x.  You may not
> believe it
>     Larry> but that will be quicker and less headaches overall.  Plus you'll
> be 
>     Larry> helping your fellow XEmacs users who want to use it with Cygwin
> too!
> The trick is finding a mirror that has that version.  Figuring out the
> versions
> of packages to go with 1.3.22 will be straightforward if I find a mirror that
> has 1.3.22.
> Is there any way of "copying" a 1.3.22 distribution from one box to another
> box?  I know it's not that simple, but is there a list of straightforward
> places I'd have to patch to make it work (like registry changes)?
> This isn't a path I want to take either, but I have no idea how to debug a
> problem like this.

What specific problem are you having with XEmacs? I use XEmacs 21.4.14 on
Cygwin 1.5.x constantly, and the only problem I have is that cut-n-paste from
external sources stops working after running a subshell. This is annoying, but
for me, at least, not a show-stopper. Supposedly, you can work around this by

(setq process-connection-type nil) ;; use pipes instead of ptys

to your .emacs file, but I haven't tried it. I'm hoping to have a go at
debugging the problem when ptys are used, but I just haven't had time yet.

I've seen postings about a font problem, but I haven't experienced the problem


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