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Re: mingw libs

Quoting Christopher Faylor <>:

> On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 04:49:54PM -0400,
> wrote:
> >Hi Igor,
> >
> >I added that -mno-cygwin to both compiler and linker and have started a
> >build...should be about an hour or two before its donw.
> >
> >I didn't write the makefiles, but I have modified them to use GCC, so its
> really
> >too complicated to post in its entirety...but the exact linker command is
> as
> >follows:
> >
> >Bare in mind, I've tried several variations on these, so its not exactly
> the
> >cleanest right now.  I've been 'thrashing' it.
> >The commands are on a separate line, but that's just how the build system
> works
> >here.  It does get fed into gcc correctly.
> >*****************************
> >gcc
> >  -mno-cygwin   
> >   -LC:\cygwin\lib\mingw
> >   -BC:\cygwin\lib\mingw   
> >   #list the libraries
> >   -lstdc++
> >   -lwsock32
> >   -lmingw32
> >   -g
> >   -o$(_Target)
> >   %foreach Link in $(LinkFiles)
> >   $(LinksPath)\$(Link)
> >   %end
> >*****************************
> If you are compiling c++ files you need to use 'g++' not 'gcc'.
> cgf
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It compiled everything fine with no errors.  I thought gcc automatically detects
the file type and does the appropriate compilation?

It's still compiling now after the suggestion made by igor, but I guess this
might be an issue for the linker as we use an odd extension here (ob3 and ln3).
 Perhaps for the linker I'll change it to g++ and we'll see what happens


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