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RE: Domain Users

> From: Pierre A. Humblet
> On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 04:55:18PM -0400, Boris Mayer-St-Onge wrote:
> >
> > 2- Is it possible to install a older version of cygwin (we have all the
> > file of version 1.3.22-1 except the setup.exe).  When we try to install
> > cygwin with the setup.exe from the web page and with the files from a
> > local directory, we have errors.  Is it possible to have an older
> > version of setup.exe?
> The message is not produced by cygwin itself but by the /etc/profile
> script, which you can easily edit to remove the section of code that
> checks the group name. It's just a warning, nothing bad will happen as
> long as you don't try to use features (e.g. chown and various services)
> that require a complete /etc/passwd. I would recommend doing that rather
> than trying to go back in time.

I'd agree with Pierre, but if you ever do fix it without editing
/etc/profile, please let me know (via the list) and I'll add the
changes to the actual package.


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