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Bash extremely slow when started via task scheduler


As it's my first post, I hope I'm in the right list for my question, if
not I apologize and hope you'll tell me on which list I may ask (I
didn't have access to newsgroups from my location, only mail)

I'm trying to schedule a bash script via the MS task scheduler, this
works well when the user set in task scheduler is the same as the logged
user, but if I change the user to any other account, the scripts becomes
*extremely* slow. Each time bash forks a command in the script it takes
approx 2 seconds before the command really executes.

I searched through the faq and this list's history but didn't find
relevant response, so I hope you can help me.

I tried to start bash in --norc --nologin, and after with --login, and
tried various combinations with no success, the script remains slow as
soon as the user logged on is not the same user set in the task

Any idea ?

The system is an win nt4 domain controller + all sp/patches, and of
course the latest cygwin (defaults packages installed, no more, no less)

Pascal Pensa

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