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Re: make install does nothing

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Joost Kraaijeveld wrote:

> I have this makefile with the following target (the maMakefile is from
> MICO 2.3.10):
> ...
> install:
>         for i in $(INSTALLDIRS); do $(MAKE) -C $$i install || exit 1;
> done
>         if test -f doc/; then \
>                 $(IDIRCMD) $(SHARED_INSTDIR)/doc/mico; \
>                 $(IMANCMD) doc/
> $(SHARED_INSTDIR)/doc/mico/; \
>         fi
>         -ldconfig
> ...
> If I do "make install", make responds with "make: 'install' is up to
> date. If I rename the target to "install1" it works as expected. Am I
> missing something and is this behaviour by design?
> Joost Kraaijeveld

Do you have a directory or a file called "install" or "INSTALL"?  If so,
make thinks that that's the target you need to make, and reports it as
up-to-date.  You can do one of two things: change the Makefile to add a
".PHONY: install" (a good thing to do in any case), or add
"check_case:strict" to your CYGWIN environment variable (won't work if
"install" is an actual file/directory).
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