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Domain Users

Recently, we have upgraded our version of cygwin from 1.3.12-2 to 1.5.5-1. Since that, we have a problem with domain users.

Cygwin is installed locally on each computer by the local administrator and it is used by domain users. If we open a bash shell, we have the following messages:

bash: cannot create temp file for here document: Permission denied
Your group is currently "mkpasswd".  This indicates that
the /etc/passwd (ans possibly /etc/group) files should be rebuilt.
See the man pages for mkpasswd and mkgroup then, for example, run
mkpasswd -l [-d] > /etc/passwd
mkgroup -l [-d] > /etc/group
Note that the -d switch is necessary for domain users.

If we add "Domain Users" in the /etc/group file and one domain user in the /etc/passwd, this user can then use cygwin correctly (but we still have the message concerning the temp file. Any hints?).

The problem is that we have several hundren of users and some of them are added and deleted each week. Is there an other solution that adding all the users in the /etc/passwd file?


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