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Re: How to use a windows COM server dll ?

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003 wrote:

> Is it possible to call API methods of a COM server dll that has been
> created with Visual Studio from Cygwin?
> If yes, what are the steps to be performed  ?
> Which files are needed or to be created and how ? (header files, libs,
> etc.)
> Juergen.

If it's a C++ DLL, there are some issues with name mangling, IIRC.
Otherwise, you simply declare the functions as you normally would and
supply a "-lCOM" flag to the linker (provided your DLL is named "COM.dll";
you may also need to add a "-L" flag pointing to the DLL's directory).

In a more complex case, I believe you can use "dlltool" to create an
import lib (COM.dll.a).  Read up on "dlltool" for details, and see, e.g.,
Cygwin source code for some examples.
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