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Re: 1.5.4-1: Problem with XEmacs, fonts, and subprocesses.

Igor Pechtchanski <> writes:


> Hmm.  I was going to point you to
> <>, but it
> seems the page is temporarily unavailable.  You can still take a
> look at the Google cache version at
> <>
> or the one in the Internet Archive at
> <>,
> though.

Yeah, that's where I got the idea for the code I posted -- since it
was a) not obviously still available from the author and b) much more
sophisticated than I required, I posted the simplified version.  For
the full deal, it's certainly the right thing.

As another poster pointed out, this is just a workaround, the main
goal is figuring out how to help the xemacs developers fix this in
their cygwin build . . .

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