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Redistributing cygwin1.dll on a site turns out to be a bad idea

I distribute some binaries since 1 1/2 year, and was also
always redistributing the latest cygwin1.dll (and making the
sources available from the same sites due to the license) to
make people's life easier, but it turns out a lot of people
were only downloading it, mainly because one of my pages is the
10° result of a search for download+cygwin1.dll on Google.

Let me know if there's a better link to point them. I used
since I also list and on every page.

So, I just changed it to:

I no longer distribute cygwin1.dll, mainly because most people
were only downloading it, while my intention was to make it
available only for who needed to run my binaries. If you want
it, download the latest cygwin-1.X.Y-Z.tar.bz2 from
and extract it. The DLL is in usr/bin/.  Various Windows
applications can handle .tar.bz2. Also, I no longer distribute
the Cygwin sources (cygwin-1.X.Y-Z-src.tar.bz2), which were
required by the license.

How to contact me -

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