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2.415-1 setup.exe is crashing on defected package


It happens to me that after updating ?setup.exe? (setup-2.415-1-src.tar.bz2) I was not able to install Cygwin anymore. The setup.exe program has always crashed during Installation progress.

After analysing the problem I have discovered following possible issues in the setup program.

1) Missing ?RECTWrapper.h? file in the ?setup-2.415-1-src.tar.bz2? source distribution.

NOTE: I have managed download the missing file from Web CVS.

2) If instalation package is (deffected) bigger than current information in the setup.ini file than the setup.exe is crashing. The problem occurs in source code ? ?:

Breakpoint 7, md5_one(packagesource const&) (source=@0xa158948) at .... 654 if (source.md5.isSet()) 655 { 656 // check the MD5 sum of the cached file here 657 ==> io_stream *thefile = io_stream::open (source.Cached (), "rb"); 658 if (!thefile)

Because the ?source.Cached ()? returns NULL

One possible solution that has been working for me was introduce ?check existence of cacded file name? as listed below ...

void md5_one (const packagesource& source)
 if (source.md5.isSet())

//-Start --- check existence of cached file name -----
if (source.Cached() == NULL)
throw new Exception (TOSTRING(__LINE__) " " __FILE__, String (" Package Error in ") + ((packagesource *)&(source))->Filename(), APPERR_IO_ERROR);

     // check the MD5 sum of the cached file here
     io_stream *thefile = io_stream::open (source.Cached (), "rb");
     if (!thefile)
. . .

In my case the error has been caused by defected "lynx" package that I have download. Where setup.ini hold following information version : 2.8.4-7
install: release/lynx/lynx-2.8.4-7.tar.bz2 1144623 9d82cffa996f65c0905ee29f1e916d42

Size of my downloaded package was : 1,145,141 bytes

I have created this mail in hope to help others with similar problem.


Viliam Batka

Surf the net and talk on the phone with Xtra Jetstream @,,5803,00.html !

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