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Re: Installation & Uninstallation issues

At 10:12 PM 10/5/2003, Tim Dierks wrote:
At 08:24 PM 10/5/2003, Tim Dierks wrote:
The tail end of /var/log/setup.full is:

2003/10/05 20:07:49 running: C:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
/etc/postinstall/ not found
[... elided ...]

And, in fact, those scripts are not there: instead, I've got files with each of those names with '.done' appended (e.g. "/etc/postinstall/"). However, these scripts have not been executed (or at least haven't run successfully).

After further research in the mailing lists, I believe my problem is similar to one discussed this April on the mailing list. The message that contained the first real diagnosis is:
Which diagnoses the problem as having something to do with privileges which are more strongly checked with sh than with bash. My W2K machine is not part of a domain, and I'm installing as an administrator-privileged account for all users.

I thought I'd record for the list that I fixed my problem with the following steps:
- Created a C:\cygwin directory in Windows Explorer
- Disconnected it from inheriting privileges from C:\ and made the following changes:
+ Added full control for the "Users" group (and deleted full control for "Authenticated Users")
+ Changed the owner to my login account (was "Administrators)
- Did an install

Unfortunately, I don't know which of the two changes was sufficient to fix the problem, although I'm happy to do more analysis on request. I'm also insufficiently informed as to venture a sufficiently educated guess as to whether the problem is in sh, in setup, or elsewhere in cygwin; I will note that I had other problems beyond postinstall sh problems, generally with processes feeling that they had insufficient privileges to read or create files (bash couldn't copy the default files to create my home directory, cron couldn't start up due to a privileges problem I didn't record).

Many thanks to Pierre Humblet for helping me to figure this out off-list and to all others.

- Tim

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