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RE: Cygwin_setup.exe comments...

On Sat, 2003-10-04 at 05:17, Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail) wrote:
> Hannu said:
> <NOTE smiley>
> > > Are you implying that setup isn't that well coded? ;-)
> > > I have yet to look at the code.
> >
> Robert Collins said:
> > Please do, before you redesign from scratch.
> Ehrm? Is this to be ironic or some such? :-}

Slightly humorous observation of the seeming automatic response of folk
joining missing functionality threads.

> > Setup is not factored out into a solid MVC or equivalent framework
> > today, and we are slowly working towards that.
> MVC - Model, View, Controller - VEYR NICE. THANK YOU!!
>  This very moment you put a name onto something that I have been
> contemplating all alone 'on my chamber'. My B.Sc. classes did NOT cover this
> kind of stuff (e.g. GUI creation) - not very strange really as they were
> more hardware oriented.

Yes, MVC is nice - and I wish we where there. As it stands we are in
transition, just cleaning up things as we go. The long term goal is a
console mode setup, and a gui setup, with the same core.

>  Do you (anybody else?) mind elaborating this a bit, maybe better off list?
> My peculiar email address DOES work, just send away, I'll be eagerly
> listening/reading.

Well, if MVC was new and interesting, can I suggest you obtain (from
your Uni library perhaps) the Gang of four book "Design Patterns". It's
a library of software design idioms (of which MVC is just one).

> e.g. I wonder about:
>  - Are you using some specific tool for setup?

vim :}. (Well eclipse a little, but mainly vim).

>  - If not, please give me some hints(pointers) on how you do it.
>  - Are there free/GPL/LGPL/BSD tools to do this?

yes - there are some wikis on OO development that have a huge amount of
links and the like.

>  - Names of commercial software?
>  - There seems to be a stale project on (xmtpp below, 10KB file),
>    do you know anything about it?
>    (Registered: 2000-10-30 05:27, last file date Nov 6, 2000)


>  - j-struts/MVC 2 seems to be a web/java adaption... good reading?

I've heard good things about struts. Really though, MVC is a design
approach. MVC frameworks are frameworks that use that approach - you can
easily have MVC without such a framework.


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