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Re: messed up user permissions from w2k terminal session

Hi Pierre,

I forgot to clarify the user account differences.

Ignore my first post regarding the Administrators group. I thought I had put my id in the admin group but I must have hit cancel because when I checked today it wasn't there.

If the user account is in an admin group (Domain admins or Administrators ) then everything is fine.

In your initial post you wrote "The administrator account doesn't experience
problem. A user account belonging in the Administrators group does."
Is the most recent experiment, is the user in question in the Administrators
Also, prior to launching H:\cygwin\cywin.bat, is there any other Cygwin
process running under that user name on the machine?

nope, no other processes.

Could you try again when there is absolutely no Cygwin process running?

> When I walk up to the console and login, cywin runs just fine.
> The problem does *not* occur in version cygwin version 1.3.22-1

Yep, a security hole was fixed in recent versions, but somehow now there
is "too much" security. I have a theory but I don't have easy access to a
terminal server to experiment.

So here are two more questions;
1) When you run 1.3.22 and you do ps -a from a Terminal Server session, do you
see all Cygwin processes on the machine or only yours?

Only mine, only the ones that I have launched from my window/login session. I don't see my process in my other terminal windows.

2) With 1.5.5, can you run simple Cygwin processes, such as ps or cat,
from the cmd prompt window?

nope, only from an account with admin privileges

It appears the privilege that is assigned to a user from a "terminal session" is different than that of the same user logging in directly at the console.

I hope this helps.


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