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text/binary strangeness in cygwin1.dll

I think I've found a bug, possibly in the Cygwin 1.5.5-1 DLL. See if my 
reasoning makes any sense. I use Joseph Allen's text editor, ver. 2.9.8 
which has been stable and working very nicely under Cygwin (which 
itself has been very stable under WinXP Pro SP1, build 2600). Originally 
written for Unix only, "joe" has no code for recognizing DOS/Windows 
line terminators, so it relies on the Cygwin mount table mechanism to 
handle that.

I frequently call joe from an editor shell (which itself is called from 
a DOS batch file), which passes the fully qualified DOS/Windows path 
name of the file to be edited to joe. Under previous Cygwin versions, 
the file would correctly open in text mode, But with the latest Cygwin, 
the file opens in binary mode (presumably), so I see the ^M's at the end 
of each line.

Now, here's the interesting part-- and the results are the same whether 
this is done from bash or from the Windows command prompt (using 
appropriate quote characters in both cases to avoid interpretations by 
either shell)-- invoking joe with the POSIX formatted path name of the 
file to be edited opens the file according to the mount table, but 
invoking it with the DOS/Windows  or mixed ("c:/path/to/file.txt") format 
opens the file in binary mode, no matter what directory it's in.


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