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Re: messed up user permissions from w2k terminal session

If I knew installing a snopshot was so convenient and easy, I would have done it prior to sending out my previous response.

I installed the cygwin-inst-20031002.tar.bz2 but the error still occurs.

Here is how I reproduce the error:
I launch my rdp Terminal Server Client, connect to server, log in as a user and run a cmd prompt window, then run H:\cygwin\cywin.bat. The CreateFileMapping Win32 error 5 comes up. This only occurs from a non-admin account.

When I walk up to the console and login, cywin runs just fine.

The problem does *not* occur in version cygwin version 1.3.22-1

Also, the cygchecks (cygcheck.bad and cygcheck.snapshot) were executed when I was logged in as administrator since the user account couldn't run anything under H:\cygwin

Let me know if there is anything else I should try.


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