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socket operation on non-socket errors


I recently upgraded my cygwin installation to the latest version: 1.5.5-1
on a win2K system with service pack 4. The kit works great except when
running simple basic commands like rsh or rlogin (telnet seem to work).
When trying to login to cvs to get the sources for rsh to rlogin to see
whether I could fix it, I got the same error

$ cvs login
Logging in to
CVS password:
cvs [login aborted]: reading from server: Socket operation on non-socket

$ rlogin -l root
rlogin: read: Socket operation on non-socket
                                            rlogin: connection closed.

How do you fix this problem? I saw a bunch of mails all related to rsync,
but that was for 1.5.0-1, also there was a statement in the realease note
that it had been fixed. Either it has reappeared or it has not been fixed
for rsh, rlogin and cvs login.

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