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Re: Installation & Uninstallation issues

At 08:24 PM 10/5/2003, Tim Dierks wrote:
The tail end of /var/log/setup.full is:

2003/10/05 20:07:49 running: C:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
/etc/postinstall/ not found
[... elided ...]

And, in fact, those scripts are not there: instead, I've got files with each of those names with '.done' appended (e.g. "/etc/postinstall/"). However, these scripts have not been executed (or at least haven't run successfully).

I've also found that if I attempt to run these scripts by hand from bash with:
/bin/sh -c /etc/postinstall/
I get the same error message:
/etc/postinstall/ not found
This is the same error I get for "/bin/sh -c /tmp/fakefilename", so it appears that the problem is that /bin/sh can't find its files for some reason.

And, in fact, if I run /bin/sh and try to run the scripts from there, I get the same "not found", along with the same error for running /bin/ls and others, all of which work from bash.

After further research in the mailing lists, I believe my problem is similar to one discussed this April on the mailing list. The message that contained the first real diagnosis is:
Which diagnoses the problem as having something to do with privileges which are more strongly checked with sh than with bash. My W2K machine is not part of a domain, and I'm installing as an administrator-privileged account for all users.

After running the postinstall script manually using bash instead of sh, I get the following:

bash-2.05b$ /usr/bin/getfacl /etc
# file: /etc
# owner: Tim Dierks
# group: Users

Any ideas on what's wrong with my machine to cause this?

Thanks again for any help.
 - Tim

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