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Re: (Cygwin) Installation & Uninstallation issues

At 08:32 PM 10/5/2003, wrote:
Did you try renaming the present install, and any relevant registry entries, and
retry after that (to avoid bad blocks in filesystem or a munged NTFS structure
that NTFS somehow hasn't gotten around to repairing?)

I've tried renaming C:\cygwin, rebooting, and attempting to delete the directory while there is no 'current' cygwin installation. Searching the registry for 'tabs' (the name of the leaf directory) finds no relevant instances. A disk check for NTFS problems didn't help.

Turn heuristic virus
scanners off while installing, invoke the circle before selecting the install
host, 10lb. package of grits on top of machine to draw out the devil, cold pizza

I'm not running any antivirus software (although the latest Cygwin installer seems to think I am). I'll do the necessary sacrifices tomorrow if I can get a two-headed goat.

 - Tim

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