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Re: missing java headers

On Sat, Oct 04, 2003 at 08:15:56PM -0700, Jim Kleckner wrote:
>I see.  You only appeared to invite investigation.  This gcc
>announcement page that I referenced in my first email said nothing
>about gcj or java problems. I
>did substantial searching, downloading and recompiling.  But all you
>can do is to write it off with a flip comment.
>These kinds of responses are very discouraging to people who want to

You seemed to be puzzled that java wasn't working.  I pointed to the
announcement that indicated the state of java.  If you only read the
latest announcement which indicated that it was a "very minor refresh"
then you wouldn't have seen the above message.  However, the "very minor
refresh" phrase could have also triggered a "Hmm.  I wonder what this is
a minor refresh of" type of inquiry.

I point these kind of things out so that, in the future, if you are
researching problems like this, you will know where to search.

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