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Re: cygpath hangs from postinstall scripts when called like $(cygpath -S) but not otherwise

On Sat, Oct 04, 2003 at 05:34:55PM +0100, Cliff Hones wrote:
>Cliff Hones wrote:
>> ...
>> I suspect you will see something different.  I guess if on some Windows
>> systems shlwapi.dll has a dependence on msvcrt.dll, it is not safe
>> to call this from any cygwin app.
>I think this may have been introduced with W2k SP4.  I found the following
>version of shlwapi.dll on my system:
>$ ls -l /d/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386/shlwapi.dll
>-rwx------+   1 Administ None       289552 Jun 19 12:05
>$ cygcheck /d/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386/shlwapi.dll
>  D:/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386\GDI32.DLL
>    D:/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386\NTDLL.DLL
>    D:/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386\KERNEL32.DLL
>    D:/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386\USER32.DLL
>  D:/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386\ADVAPI32.DLL
>    D:/winnt/servicepackfiles/i386\RPCRT4.DLL
>and there is no msvcrt dependence with this earlier version.
>Does this fit with the hanging symptoms?  i.e. if your postinstall
>hangs, have you installed W2K SP4, or is your shlwapi dependent on
>msvcrt, or is this just a red herring?

I'm not paying much attention to this thread but it sure seems like
everyone is treating this like a situation for debugging a closed
source application where you have to guess rather then investigate
source code.

Has anyone tried building a debugging version of cygpath and attaching
to it with gdb when it hangs?  Or, alternatively attaching to the shell
which invoked the cygpath?

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