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Re: changing my cygwin username to have no spaces in it

On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Terrence Brannon wrote:

> I just got a great new laptop --- the Toshiba P25 with a 17" widescreen.
> However, I was dumb enough to enter my name as "Terrence Brannon" during
> the initial welcome screens. Now when attempting to compile xemacs from
> scratch (because xemacs' windows goes into some sort of white - on -
> white mode when I open a shell inside xemacs when I use the netinstaller
> from, ./configure looks for install-sh in /home/Terrence
> Brannon/wares/blah-blah-blah/install-sh, but the space in the username
> is fooling it. What can I do so that when I click on the Cygwin icon, it
> logs me into cygwin as the user metaperl or Terrence_Brannon?
> I have already gone to the Control Panel and tried User Accounts/Change
> Name, but that was merely cosmetic.

Cygwin keeps another copy of your username (copied from the Windows name,
but thereafter independent) in /etc/passwd.  That username is also purely
cosmetic, so you can change it at will (the important part is the SID
field).  You can go ahead and insert an underscore, or even change it to
"metaperl".  As always, make sure you keep a copy of your /etc/passwd
before making changes.
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