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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gcc 3.3.3-1, gcc-mingw-20030911-2 missing java headers

Is it possible the java code simply wasn't configured to build?
All of the java headers are missing.

Christopher Faylor wrote:

I've moved all of the latest gcc stuff out of "test" and into "current".
This is the standard gcc 3.3.1 release from + patches from
Danny Smith and (to a vastly lesser extent) me.  If you are interested
in checking these sources out of gcc's cvs repository, the branch tag is
cygming331.  But, please, no questions about where to go or how to do
that on the cygwin list.  Go to for that kind of info.


There were vague reports of gcj being broken during the gcc test period
but I never saw a true bug report for this.  Since I'm not a java user,
I can only provide this as-is.

Here are the things I looked at:

A quick look at:
shows usr/include/java/... are installed but
shows none of that.  Although it does include usr/bin/gcj.exe
which suggests it was configured to build.
It also suggests that I have the right packages
unless some breakup of gcc has put those files elsewhere.
Haven't seen anything on that and searching
packages doesn't reveal anything.

Checking the change logs for gcc:
Doesn't indicate any issues with Java.

Extracting the source of both versions and comparing
some of the configure files doesn't reveal any disabling
of gcj and java.

I tried uncompressing, configuring, and "make" of gcc.
Recompiling and installing 3.3.1-1 fails to install the headers.
Subsequent uncompress, configure, recompile of 3.2-3 failed
to compiler.

Checking the gcc java list
doesn't reveal (to me) the answer.

Gerrit, do you know since you have the most relevant
posts on the gcc/java list?

Reverting to the previous install works.

Thanks for any pointers.


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