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Re: Problems with Cygwin and Procmail..

Billy Huddleston wrote:

I'm having a problem with Cygwin when using it with procmail.. I've written some fairly extensive spam filtering scripts to use on my mail server and they work perfectly.. However, I occasionally get these error messages and after so many of them, procmail just stops working (fortunately, my mail still continues to flow, just doesn't get marked with spam headers if it's spam), The error message that comes up is 0xc0000142, and happens with procmail.exe, bash.exe and versus other shell commands I use with the procmail filters.. I've narrowed it down to a "burst" .. I.E. when a large number of emails comes through then it tends to do this, if the emails trickle through, it doesn't..

We don't know what your spam filtering scripts look like. Perhaps you are not properly locking your mboxes and when the traffic is heavy this results in a bug in your scripts. This would not, however, be a problem with Cygwin.

So.. It's very sporadic as to when it happens. I'm using cygwin dll version 1.3.2 I've attempted to upgrade and prcomail totally freaked out and refused to open directories and write files, it even created a directory (I turned logging on and it's suppose to create a directory when it doesn't exist) with NO permissions,

Procmail and Cygwin have gotten tighter with their security/permissions checking.

I can't even access it via administrator!! I have no idea how to remove it... Has anyone seen this or know how I can fix this..

Try using the Windows Explorer to view the properties of the folder and then go to advanced and assign ownership of the folder to Administrator. Ok out of that. Then view the properties again and give Administrator Full Control.
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