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messed up user permissions from w2k terminal session

HI everyone,

I'm not sure how I did it but I messed up my user permissions or local policy settings. Now whenever I run any cygwin app (bash.exe, wc.exe, rxvt.exe) from a w2k terminal session and logged in as a user, I see the following error:

**** CreateFileMapping, Win32 error 5. Terminating.

I'm running Windows 2000 SP4 and CYGWIN = binmode tty ntsec

More specific details....

If I am logged into the console I can run any cygwin apps. When I log in remotely to the server through ssh, everything is fine. The only time a problem occurs is when I login through a terminal server client using an account other than "Administrator". The administrator account doesn't experience problem. A user account belonging in the Administrators group does.

I am at a loss trying to figure out which policy/permission was changed to cause this problem.

I've been google'ing for a few days trying to track down what might have changed but to no avail.

Any hints on troubleshooting errors like this or an idea as to what permission/policy is needed for "CreateFileMapping", would be appreciated.

If a cygcheck would be helpful let me know and I will send one.


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