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RE: Cygwin_setup.exe comments...

Sent: 03 October 2003 12:57 From: Hannu E K Nevalainen
> > > Another place to check is the setup TODO list and WISHLIST in
> > the README.
> > > You can either download the setup source package, or check it out on
> > >
> > >

> > Err, I've just read the README linked above, and as far as I can see a
> > resizable window isn't on either the TODO list or the wishlist.

> I must 'defend' Igor here. I've seen it mentioned as beeing on some sort
> TODO list, and hinted/implied as beeing worked on. Unless I've totally
> misunderstood what I've read.
It may be on 'some' list, just not on the one in the link/current source.
I really wasn't meaning to be critical, perhaps I should have just said that
if it was on the TODO/wishlist it _might_ help reduce the number of requests
for it.
Probably not but at least it would be in the docs.
> Googling on e.g. "setup.exe +resize inurl:ml" should turn
> quite a few postings WRT this.
It does, I'm not moaning myself. I get cygwin for free because of a lot of
work by people who know more about this stuff than I do. I may ask for help
occasionally (and even more rarely be able to provide it) but I don't have
any right to expect it, so I'm grateful when it is given. The occasionally
snapping of RTFM is eminently excusable and understandable - I've done user
support in the past and I was _paid_ to have my hours made miserable.
Thanks everyone.

Bill Hughes.

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