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RE: Cygwin_setup.exe comments...

> From: Hughes, Bill

> Sent: 02 October 2003 16:02 From: Igor Pechtchanski
> >On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Linda W. wrote:
> ..snip..
> > > What's wrong with a resizable
> > > window?  I really don't know -- does it require a Ph.D. to do?  I've
> > > never done windows programming, so I really don't know, but
> is it really
> > > that difficult?
> >
> > Actually, no, a Ph.D. is apparently not enough (I do have one,
> and I don't
> > understand the intricacies of the interface enough to make that dialog
> > properly resizeable).  And I *have* done a fair share of
> Windows (and GUI)
> > programming.  Face it: it's just *not that easy*.  If it were, someone
> > would have implemented it.  It might be a good exercise to actually look
> > at the code instead of useless complaining.  There must be a reason why
> > it's been on the setup TODO list next to forever.

 Based on earlier postings and Amiga GUI knowledge; I bet that this is all
about crunching the correct numbers, it just is a lot of hard work to
pinpoint WHICH numbers, and additionally HOW those pinpointed numbers should
change for a gui resize.

Might very well also depend on how the current GUI has been implemented. If
this was done in a way that allows little/none/less dynamic changes, then
code has to be 'rebuilt' to some extent.

> ...snip...
> > Another place to check is the setup TODO list and WISHLIST in
> the README.
> > You can either download the setup source package, or check it out on
> >
> <

Err, I've just read the README linked above, and as far as I can see a
resizable window isn't on either the TODO list or the wishlist.

 I must 'defend' Igor here. I've seen it mentioned as beeing on some sort of
TODO list, and hinted/implied as beeing worked on. Unless I've totally
misunderstood what I've read.

Googling on e.g. "setup.exe +resize inurl:ml" should turn up
quite a few postings WRT this.

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59°16.37'N, 17°12.60'E
-- UTC+01, DST -> UTC+02  --

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