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Re: USER ID problems on Windows XP

On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Erin Pleva wrote:

> Has anyone encountered USER identification problems when installing Cygwin
> on a Windows XP box?
> After a "successful" installation, the "id -u" command returns "60148", a
> seemingly random number, and the "id -un" command returns "no name for
> 60148."

I bet you're logging in as a domain user, and your Cygwin version is
1.3.*...  What you're seeing is the short integer overflow on a 16-bit
UID.  The easiest fix would be to upgrade to the latest Cygwin version
(currently 1.5.5), as it has 32-bit UIDs.

> I also seem to be having trouble with CPU resource sharing when running
> scripts in Cygwin (ie. simultaneous processes run very slow, while the same
> processes run in sequence run very quickly.)
> Thanks,
> Erin Pleva

Please follow the Cygwin problem reporting guidelines at
<>.  They tell you how to provide enough
information to help us diagnose your problem.  It would also help if you
provided a simple testcase that would be reproducible on other machines.
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