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Re: Cygwin/rsync Hang Problem Testing Results

I have found rsync runs slighty longer when you run ssh -e 'noescape'
option, as in the following script:
exec ssh -e 'none' "$@"

In fact, I find the above script is absolutely essential with cvs.  (I've
yet to platform where it wasn't required.)
One would expect the -T option to also improve things, but it doesn't...

I find it helps with rsync, but doesn't solve the problem.

Worse, each time rsync hangs, after killing it, the rsync process continues
on the remote machine.  If I don't manually kill -9 rsync on the remote
machine, the next time I run rsync it will hang sooner and run slower.
After five or ten times without killing the remote rsync command, rsync
never gets past update the filelist before I grow too impatient to see what
will happen.


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From: "Paul Thompson" <>
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Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 7:28 PM
Subject: Cygwin/rsync Hang Problem Testing Results

> People of cygwin & rsync,
> I recently attempted to get cygwin and rsync working to solve a
> backup/mirroring need in my computer life. Well, as you might guess, I
> ran into a little but of trouble.
> Strangely enough, rsync seemed to be regularly hanging when I attempted
> to do a "get" (sycronize a remote to a local dir). Well, considering I
> want to automate this, that was not going to work. So I searched the
> web, mailing lists, etc, and came across all of the posts on the
> subject, but no solution.
> Then I stumbled across an idea - to test previous versions of rsync to
> if any of them worked better with cygwin. Here are the (hopefully
> helpful) results of those tests. I did three tests for each version of
> cygwin:
>   locallist:
>     rsync -n --stats --recursive --rsh=ssh sync/ /home/drsync/
>   get:
>     RSYNC_CMD="rsync --verbose --progress --stats -auz -e ssh"
>     $RSYNC_CMD sync/
>   put:
>     RSYNC_CMD="rsync --verbose --progress --stats -auz -e ssh"
>     $RSYNC_CMD sync/
> When rsync was hanging, it did so usually by the third time I ran the
> command. So I figured running each 10ish times should probably show the
> error.
> So I downloaded the last pile of rsync releases and started testing at
> intervals, starting back at 2.3.0 and splitting the difference as I
> zeroed in on the offending release. Here are the results:
>     Version   locallist   get       put
>     ---------------------------------------
>     2.3.0     success     success   success
>     2.4.0     success     success   success
>     2.4.1     success     success   failure
>     2.4.2     success     success   failure
>     2.4.3     success     success   failure
>     2.4.4     success     success   failure
>     2.4.5     success     success   failure
>     2.4.6     failure     failure   failure
>     2.5.0     failure     failure   success
>     2.5.6     failure     failure   success
> The failures of the put test (v. 2.4.1 - 2.4.6) happened EVERY time I
> ran the test and returned an error of:
>     read error: Connection reset by peer
> As those did not occur after 2.4.6, I assume that was a fixed bug,
> unrelated to the hanging problem that was the reason for my tests.
> Anyhow, when the locallist and get tests failed, rsync would just plain
> hang - no explanation, error, I could leave it there for an hour and it
> wouldn't have changed. And then, when I ctrl-c killed the process (in my
> cygwin/bash shell), the actual rsync process would stick around and
> require killing via the windows task manager.
> So, based on my testing, I would conclude that the infamous cygwin rsync
> hang bug was introduced somewhere in the coding for 2.4.6. As for
> myself, I plan to go ahead and just use version 2.4.0, as it is the most
> recent version of rsync that worked for all three tests. If I can be of
> any more help, including testing patches, please let me know.
> Thanks for all of the hard work on cygwin and rsync, folks.
> Sincerely,
> Paul Thompson
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