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Cygwin/rsync Hang Problem Testing Results

People of cygwin & rsync,

I recently attempted to get cygwin and rsync working to solve a backup/mirroring need in my computer life. Well, as you might guess, I ran into a little but of trouble.

Strangely enough, rsync seemed to be regularly hanging when I attempted to do a "get" (sycronize a remote to a local dir). Well, considering I want to automate this, that was not going to work. So I searched the web, mailing lists, etc, and came across all of the posts on the subject, but no solution.

Then I stumbled across an idea - to test previous versions of rsync to if any of them worked better with cygwin. Here are the (hopefully helpful) results of those tests. I did three tests for each version of cygwin:

   rsync -n --stats --recursive --rsh=ssh sync/ /home/drsync/

   RSYNC_CMD="rsync --verbose --progress --stats -auz -e ssh"
   $RSYNC_CMD sync/

   RSYNC_CMD="rsync --verbose --progress --stats -auz -e ssh"
   $RSYNC_CMD sync/

When rsync was hanging, it did so usually by the third time I ran the command. So I figured running each 10ish times should probably show the error.

So I downloaded the last pile of rsync releases and started testing at intervals, starting back at 2.3.0 and splitting the difference as I zeroed in on the offending release. Here are the results:

   Version   locallist   get       put
   2.3.0     success     success   success
   2.4.0     success     success   success
   2.4.1     success     success   failure
   2.4.2     success     success   failure
   2.4.3     success     success   failure
   2.4.4     success     success   failure
   2.4.5     success     success   failure
   2.4.6     failure     failure   failure
   2.5.0     failure     failure   success
   2.5.6     failure     failure   success

The failures of the put test (v. 2.4.1 - 2.4.6) happened EVERY time I ran the test and returned an error of:

read error: Connection reset by peer

As those did not occur after 2.4.6, I assume that was a fixed bug, unrelated to the hanging problem that was the reason for my tests.

Anyhow, when the locallist and get tests failed, rsync would just plain hang - no explanation, error, I could leave it there for an hour and it wouldn't have changed. And then, when I ctrl-c killed the process (in my cygwin/bash shell), the actual rsync process would stick around and require killing via the windows task manager.

So, based on my testing, I would conclude that the infamous cygwin rsync hang bug was introduced somewhere in the coding for 2.4.6. As for myself, I plan to go ahead and just use version 2.4.0, as it is the most recent version of rsync that worked for all three tests. If I can be of any more help, including testing patches, please let me know.

Thanks for all of the hard work on cygwin and rsync, folks.

Paul Thompson

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