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Other format: [Raw text] freezes Cygwin installation

While doing a completely new installation of Cygwin using the latest Setup version on a Windows 2000 Server, the installation keeps on stucking at "/etc/postinstall/", which would takes over half an hour for no reason. There are a bunch of bash, sh and other cygwin processes in the process list, but no significant processor or harddisk activity. This behaviour is reproduceable most of the time, but not always.

Unfortunately, there is no chance for me to debug the setup process. Personally I think the Setup is by far the weakest part of the whole Cygwin distribution, there's been serious problems (serious as in preventing you completing your installation successfully) for years. Maybe it's better if we add a "debug output" to the setup to follow the steps it operates. I'd very much need that.


Huijing Zhou <>
CIP Computer Lab, Faculty of Economics
University of Karlsruhe, Germany

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