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no longer administrator, can't mkdir /foo

For security reasons, I am no longer an administrator on my Win2k machine.
(No, I didn't mess up, there's an issue with passwords or something--a
recent break-in.)

The upshot is that under CygWin, I can't do a mkdir in the / dir (i.e.
  $ mkdir foo
  mkdir: cannot create directory `foo': No such file or directory

Oddly, a side effect of that seems to be that cygwin no longer sees /tmp;
bash says:

    bash.exe: warning: could not find /tmp, please create!

ls / shows it, but ls /tmp does not:

  $ ls /
  bin         cygwin.ico  home  pkg        setup.log       tmp  var
  cygwin.bat  etc         lib   setup.exe  setup.log.full  usr
  $ ls /tmp
  ls: /tmp: No such file or directory

I can create a directory in / (i.e. c:/cygwin) from MsWindows, but again,
Cygwin doesn't see it:

  $ cmd
  Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
  (C) Copyright 1985-2000 Microsoft Corp.

  C:\cygwin>mkdir tmp


  $ ls /tmp
  ls: /tmp: No such file or directory

Possibly related to all this is the fact that my Windows username has
changed.  So Cygwin doesn't seem to know where my (new) ~ is, i.e. it
reports ~ as the local drive's root directory:

  $ cd ~

  $ pwd

I tried re-naming my old /home/<OldUsername> directory to
/home/<NewUsername>, but that doesn't seem to be sufficient.

Short of re-installing CygWin, is there a fix to all this mess?

    Mike Maxwell
    Linguistic Data Consortium
    NomaxwellSpam at ldc dot upenn dot edu

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