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Re: Cygwin_setup.exe comments...

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:


Have you tried a setup snapshot? <>.

My computer isn't so stable these days. MS and Dell both want me to reformat. Installed
the MS dcom and activex 9.0b patch in July. My video driver was disabled, mostly. I tried
latest update from Dell, but it's a bit faulty (version.txt=6.7, but no files versioned above
6.0something). Dell support thinks version problem is due to a fault on my system (they don't
know how to look at file versions). Anti-aliasing no longer works for one -- but Outlook XP
no longer speaks IMAP and returns 75% error rate on sendmails (they do get sent, but with some
number of errors). Mozilla doesn't have the problem. No other apps seem to be affected (other
than general system slowdown -- usually for no good reason (though occasional explorer is
eating cpu, but usually there is idle time left over....) MS windows-update personel
says that wiping my hard disk will eliminate all traces of their mistake and solve my
problem. So far, they refuse to let me talk to an Outlook support or development person to
even ask about the IMAP conversation or where (in the protocol ) it fails -- since it doesn't
fail at the same place each time, but it does fail at the same place in an IMAP transaction (just
doesn't fail reliably on first - 3rd transaction, though usually does by 4th). Of course
uninstalling/reinstalling Outlook had no effect, neither did running SFC and allowing it to replace
all files. So the fact that 100+ other programs do work and only Outlook XP is directly affected
means my system is corrupt. Yeah. Right. And these [h-t]{4} for brains idiots expect me
to trust that reformatting and reinstalling all their patches will result in the same situation?
Why am I not feeling comfortable with that suggestion?

So anyway, I'm not being xtremely venturous on my computer these days -- I did install
the latest released setup though.

Already there.

Haven't seen this -- Each time I get to the where to install from it's sorta stupidly picking the least general
option ('direct'). If I was engaging my brain to make things easy for a user, I'd figure, Gee, they are on windows.
They _likely_ have IE configured to access the internet. Maybe I'll default to that instead of direct connect. But
hey, that's just me thinking out off the top of my user-friendly encrusted training.

Some are already there...

None of them work in the released version. I seem to get taken through every dialogue. I have RSI -- that's
like in "repetitive stupid interactions" with dumb UI. I can't even just click 'ok' -- cause the 'you bad naughty
person -- you are doing what most developers do and making your install dir "c:\"....are you sure you want to
do what any sane developer is already doing? <move mouse> <click> <move mouse back to 'next'>...etc.

IMO, it's better the way it is now -- all the dialogs still there, but the values are saved; you just click "Next".

What part of repetitive stupid inteface don't you get? It hurts. It causes damage. It screws people
up. Sorry my tone is going to [h-t]{4}, but the recounting the MS and Dell stupidity stirred up a bit
of impatience with people 'who know better' and tell me it's better that I reformat my disk, that way I can
re-enter all the options and just click 'next'. You don't know the joy that 'attitude' inspires in me.

Frankly, I think Cygwin setup is simply marvelous in terms of window size, especially when compared with something like <>...

So? are saying just because you are better than MS, for example, that this
means anything? I'm a faster typer than my dog too. And? This is a standard
for good? What's wrong with a resizable window? I really don't know -- does it require
a Ph.D. to do? I've never done windows programming, so I really don't know, but is
it really that difficult?

auto select server with lowest response
latency....but that's too much work for the benefit right now...(IMO)...

This was proposed already -- see the cygwin-apps archives. In fact, most of your suggestions have been brought up at one time or another, and they all either are being worked on, or have been already.

Oh good, glad I'm not the only one actually thinking about things...I'm afraid to even
mention the issue of "performance" (because I don't know how to fix it and wouldn't have
the first clue of how to start -- sorta hard when you are limited to typing 20-60 minutes
a day).

Under the "it would be nice", category, being able to click on an item and right click on it to get more information would be real helpful at times. Some program names I don't recognize, and things like "nasm" assembler...what's a network assember vs. the gnu-assumber ("gasm"?).

See above. You can probably even search the cygwin-apps archives for "right-click" on this one...

I can probably search the web for almost anything. That doesn't mean it doesn't
bear repeating. Just because any historian knows that prohibition was a failure that was a monumental
boost/start to organized crime in america doesn't mean the lessens are remembered today. Just
because sam or tom or mary said something 3 months or 3 years ago in the archives doesn't mean
everyone on the list now remembers that they said it. Maybe you do, but I don't. And I don't
intend to memorize the archives.

Call me stupid (many people do as I sometimes show a remarkable lack of tact), but when I
develop a product, I generally do so to make life easier for others -- not just for me. I do scripts
and"'one-of's" for me, but programs/projects -- I want alot of input -- even if it is repetitious so I
get a clue of what people are wanting "today" -- not some "archive" months or years ago.

If I can't please them or they are being unreasonable, screw-em. But when they ask nicely, I usually
try for a polite response and not something to make them feel like I've just blown them off. I'd like them
to stay interested and engaged in the product -- if not developing, at least using and giving feedback.
How else can I develop the best? I can't even come close to pretending I know the wants and desires of
everyone out there. Just doesn't happen w/o input.

Someone does. Most of that stuff is already on there

I loaded the latest released version, today. My comments are based on that code. None of
what I mentioned is addressed. That's why I suggested it -- I mean if I thought about it, and someone
suggested a bunch of things that I thought were already in the product, I'd probably wonder why
they were suggesting it -- like maybe there is a bug somewhere and they aren't seeing the same
behaviors I see. But that's usually my first response, because I usually (perhaps wrongly) assume that
the person may have a point -- and that's why they bothered to waste their time writing about it.

So go ahead and believe it's all there...because it's not working in the releaseed version. having to go through
each page isn't "automatic". It's manual and "repetitive" -- like in RSI injuries (and people wonder why
RSI's are so prevelant in the Computer industry...)

thoroughly trashed linda. (to microsoft with ya!) (how's that for a curse!) ;-/

-- ---> A software Engineer for CA governer? <--- ---> Georgy Russell for CA governor <--- ---> <---

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