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re: problems installing cygwin


Please send all Cygwin-related questions and comments to the Cygwin list,
and not by personal e-mail unless specifically requested.  This will
utilize the cumulative expertise of the list, rather than that of any one
person.  It also ensures that the question and the answers end up in the
list archives, so that others have access to them.

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Yu Liu wrote:

> Sorry to email you, but I'm having this problem as well.  I'm new to the 
> whole environment, so I don't really know how the Unix thing works. However, 
> this installing hang only happens on the XFree86 bin icons.  All the other 
> files are installed properly.  I'm running a Win XP at home, so there is no 
> administrator problems.  I need this for school so I'd appreciate it if you 
> can give me some feedback.
> Thank you.

Speaking of the archives, I suspect that the threads starting at
<> and
<> would be informative
on this issue.  FWIW, I've found most of these messages by searching the
Cygwin list archives (at <>) for
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