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Cygwin_setup.exe comments...

Aome comments/suggestions/GRFE's (Grovelling Request for Enhancements :-)):

1)  Remember a user's previous choices.  (~/.cygwinsetuprc would be 1

1a) allow flags to disable some diaglogs:
[no|auto]virusprompt # default on
proxy <host>:<port>|useIE|none|direct # default=direct or none (synonyms)
[no]rootwarn # default on; disables C:\ root usage warning
server <host> # (default none -> bring up list>)
installtype {download_and_install|download-only|install-from-local} #default to d&s
cachedir <dirname> # presence suppresses cache question

   If any items are taken from the .rc file, then display a summary screen
   of choices; pressing "BACK" could go back through normal dialogue, or
   fancier, "Edit/Change" buttons next to each choice

2) Allow window resizing -- *ESPECIALLY* on selection page. If you don't
agree, feel free to express your opinion in detail in the following
response area: :-)
| |
| |

That all I can think of off the top of my head -- well, a low importance leisure option
would be to send an HTTP request for some 1-byte file to all of the servers and
auto select server with lowest response latency....but that's too much work for
the benefit right now...(IMO)...

I'd hit the window resize issue's been the longest term annoyance.

Under the "it would be nice", category, being able to click on an item and right click on it to
get more information would be real helpful at times. Some program names I don't recognize, and
things like "nasm" assembler...what's a network assember vs. the gnu-assumber ("gasm"?).
Pros?/Cons? Just different flavors/strokes for different folks (like emacs vs. vim?)

Thanks for reading...please, pretty please, don't just delete this...but I hope someone keeps a
list of RFE/GRFE's for setup....:-?



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