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RE: home directory not created in cygwin installation

Sent: 01 October 2003 16:16 From: Igor Pechtchanski
> On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Hughes, Bill wrote:

> > Furthermore could $HOME be defaulted to \home\'current_user' if not
> > explicitly set?
>It already is, except it's "/home/$USER", not "\home\$USER" (read up on
>POSIX vs Win32 paths in Cygwin if you don't see the difference).
Doh! (Hits head on wall) Of course - I've been using an NT command prompt
all afternoon and can't type straight.

> > I can also see a case for using /etc/passwd if it exists whether, or not
> > ntsec is used or running on Win9x.
> You can have an /etc/passwd even with nontsec...  The only problem is that
> there is no way that I know of to check it for validity...
If you're using nontsec does it matter if it's invalid?
You're then only using it to look up the home directory of the current user.
Of course if it's just missing then you start playing with $HOME instead.

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