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RE: home directory not created in cygwin installation

Sent: 01 October 2003 14:27 From: Igor Pechtchanski
> This is thin ice...  On one hand, we want to make things work pretty
> seamlessly.  On the other, we don't want to limit the more advanced users
> by not letting them change the home directory on the fly (anyone doing
> that, anyway?).  One "solution" I can see is to ignore the $HOME setting
> completely, and always go by /etc/passwd.  I think this was discussed
> before, but can't recall the details.  One caveat I see is that this would
> require an existing (and valid) /etc/passwd, whereas nowadays it's
> optional (with "nontsec" or in Win9x).  I don't know if this will daunt
> the advanced users, but it's probably something to discuss.  Opinions?

Is it possible to:
use /etc/passwd if running with ntsec and file exists, 
else if /etc/passwd not present, nontsec or on 9X use $HOME.
Furthermore could $HOME be defaulted to \home\'current_user' if not
explicitly set?

I can also see a case for using /etc/passwd if it exists whether, or not
ntsec is used or running on Win9x.
i.e. Whichever happens first:
1) Current user has entry in /etc/passwd, use value from here.
2) $HOME set by user.
3) Default $HOME to /home/'current_user'.

Is the current user set in 9X? It's been a long time since I used this.

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