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Re: /usr/bin/su.exe in sh-utils always fails


See the email archives on this one.  I suggest you start here:


The FAQ may be a little out-of-date on the specifics but the intent is
correct.  Don't expect 'su' to work even if it exists.


At 02:21 PM 9/29/2003, Matt Swift you wrote:
>The Cygwin FAQ says that there is no `su' command in recent versions
>of Cygwin, The sh-utils package, however, currently contains an `su'
>command, but it doesn't work.  The shell transcript below illustrates
>the problem.  You have to trust me that I offer the same password to
>`su' as I do to `ssh'.
>    [vav] swift> hostname; uname -a
>    vav
>    CYGWIN_NT-5.1 vav 1.5.5(0.94/3/2) 2003-09-20 16:31 i686 unknown unknown Cygwin
>    [vav] swift> whoami
>    swift
>    [vav] swift> su kate
>    Password:
>    su: incorrect password
>    [vav] swift> whoami
>    swift
>    [vav] swift> ssh kate@vav
>    kate@vav's password: 
>    [vav] kate> whoami
>    kate
>    [vav] kate> exit
>    logout
>    Connection to vav closed.
>    [vav] swift> whoami
>    swift
>    [vav] swift> 
>    [vav] swift> cygcheck /usr/bin/su.exe
>    C:/cygwin/bin/su.exe
>      C:\WINNT\System32\KERNEL32.dll
>        C:\WINNT\System32\ntdll.dll
>      C:/cygwin/bin\cygwin1.dll
>      C:/cygwin/bin\cygintl-2.dll
>        C:/cygwin/bin\cygiconv-2.dll
>    [vav] swift> cygcheck -f /usr/bin/su.exe
>    sh-utils-2.0.15-4
>    [vav] swift> cygcheck -c sh-utils
>    Cygwin Package Information
>    Package              Version        Status
>    sh-utils             2.0.15-4       OK
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