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does syslog works only for SYSTEM account on w2k?

It seems like cygwin syslog on w2k, both the logger command the
syslog(3) routine, works only for the SYSTEM account. Is that true?

I have a test script that uses logger. When I call it manually no messages
appear in the event log. When I turn it into a service, where it is invoked
with SYSTEM privileges, the test messages make it into the event log.

FYI: my goal is to interleave status messages from concurrently running
perl scripts into a single log file where the entries are sorted by
generation time. The NT event log will be fine, I can extract my
messages via a separate perl script, but I don't want to turn these
scripts into services

Here's my configuration and test information:
	- Cygwin DLL version 1.5.5-1
	- OS w2k SP4
	- environment variable CYGWIN=ntsec
	- test script (sltest.bat):

		@echo off
		echo  ---
		echo  ---
		echo  ---
		echo Running the syslog logger test
		D:\cygwin\bin\logger testing
		D:\cygwin\bin\sleep 5
		rem vim: fileformat=dos

	- Command to create the service:
		cygrunsrv --install sltest -p ~/sltest.bat --type auto
	- Command to start the service:
		cygrunsrv --start sltest

Btw, google searches, and searches of the cygwin archives, failed to enlighten
me wrt any SYSTEM constraint.


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