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RE: Setup 2.358 Hangs During Post-Install Script

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Scott 
> Sent: 28 September 2003 00:08
> To: steve fairbairn
> Subject: RE: Setup 2.358 Hangs During Post-Install Script
> Thanks for the great tip. I had the exact same problem, and your solution
seems to work perfectly. But being brand > new to Cygwin, what did I just
accomplish by killing the cygpath PID?  
> Thanks,
> Scott Edwards

Hi Scott,

Please don't email anyone from the cygwin mailing list directly.  All
responses should go to the list.

I am assuming from your response that you are also new to the UNIX world,
but apologies if this assumption is incorrect.  The way we used the cygwin
kill command (kill -9 <process-id>) is just like the 'End Process' button in
Windows Task Manager when you are looking at the processes tab.  Kill can by
used for a lot more than just stopping the process execution, but when I was
trying to get around the issue I was being fairly heavy handed.  Try reading
man pages (man kill) to find out more.

As for our specific killing of cygpath...  There is some kind of issue with
the post install script you identified that means it never completes.  As I
identified and you have confirmed, the actual part of the script that isn't
completing properly is the cygpath program.  As I haven't examined the
script at all, I can't tell you what cygpath is being used for, why it
should fail to complete in the way it does or what effect our killing it had
on the general succes of that script.  All I can say is that I haven't found
any ill effects with my installation but have not used X11 at all yet.

Hope this helps,

Steve Fairbairn


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