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Off Topic!! - Microsoft critic dismissed by @Stake -

I realize that this is completely off topic but could someone here offer Mr.
Dan Geer a job? The implication of criticizing Microsoft's security and
being fired as a result does have -naturally- a chilling effect on any
public assessment of Microsoft's products. Nothing would help the IT public
more than reading the facts about security, bugs and maturity issues of
wintel and the 'others' (of which Linux, Solaris (in short: NIX) and sadly
far less Mac OS are the ONLY alternatives).

To terminate projects with @Stake would also send the message that the first
amendment is sacrosanct and infringements are not tolerated!

I again apologize for this brake of our rules, but I hope this forum will
forgive and understand my concern and the implications to everybody if Mr.
Geer would stay out of a job as a result of co-publication of the truth.

with kind regards

 günter strubinsky
 <strubinsky at acm dot org>
 Tel: 402.212.0196

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> Of RiCH
> Sent: Saturday, 27 September, 2003 15:50
> To:
> Subject: getmxrr() doesnt work
> Hi
> Has anyone managed to get PHP to compile in CLI mode and get getmxrr() to
> work?
> I always get  Fatal error:  Call to undefined function:  getmxrr()
> Have tried various versions of PHP with configure line
> ./configure  --enable-cli --enable-sigchild --with-mysql --enable-pcntl --
> di
> sable-debug --enable-sockets
> Rich
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