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Re: ftp way quicker than cp?

On Sat, 27 Sep 2003, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > You are not really measuring the time needed for "cp". You are
> > measuring the overhead of SMB share access. Using ftp bypasses all
> > this mechanism completely, and sends files directly over the network.
> > Try comparing the time it takes to copy the file in Windows Explorer
> > to the SMB share and to an FTP location -- you'll probably see the
> > same results.
> I was aware that there is SMB overhead - just didn't think it would be
> that great!

Well, if you compared a cp to a local directory with ftp to localhost,
you'd get another datapoint...

> (BTW: How exactly do you get the time command working in conjuntion with
> a "copy the file in the Windows Explorer"! :-) )

Umm, have people forgotten already about the good ol' "wallclock time"? ;-)
Sometimes the old methods are still the best [*].

> > IOW, this is not really Cygwin-related.
> This is true if such large overhead is only attributable to SMB.

Well, that's what the experiment is for...  Alternatively, compare a
non-Cygwin ftp with a "copy" from cmd.exe (although that may skew the
comparison a bit if the ftp implementation is not too efficient).
[*] Of course, I wouldn't mind at all if someone shows how to
programmatically measure time-to-copy in Windows Explorer...
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