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Re: Cygwin on Windows Me on Athlon64

On Friday 26 September 2003 16:19, Koide wrote:
> Now I am using cygwin on Windows Me on AthlonXP .
>  I will have Athlon64 system shortly . Then I want to use cygwin
> on Athlon64 . The executable files of programs comliled on Athlon64
> should be much faster than those are compiled on AthlonXP .
>  Then now I am wondering if ;
> 1 . Can cygwin be installed correctly on Windows Me on Athlon64 .
>     (Just the same as using the install wizard .)
You don't even know yet how ME will play on that box.  If it does,  cygwin 
may work.
> 2 . To compile the program , gcc is certainly needed .
>     To compile the program of 64bit , is it sufficient to install
>     gcc using the install wizard and type "gcc ______.c" ?
Cygwin has no 64-bit support, ME has no 64-bit support.  You could build a 
cross compiler targeting your hardware, but it would be up to you to make it 
work.  First, you probably want to try out 32-bit software built with the 
standard cygwin port of gcc, using the various architecture options, like 
-march=athlon, -march=pentium4 -mfpmath=sse

Tim Prince

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