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Re: bugreport: packaging error in gcc-mingw-3.3.1-20030911-2.tar.bz2

At 01:31 PM 9/25/2003, Shankar Unni you wrote:
>Teun Burgers wrote:
>> As recorded in the thread "gcc -mno-cygwin fails", there is I think
>> a packaging error in gcc-mingw-3.3.1-20030804-1.tar, component
>> of the gcc-mingw-3.3.1-20030911-2.tar.bz2 package.
>         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>What the heck is this package?  I see a "gcc-3.3.1-2" and a
>"gcc-mingw-20030911-2" package in the standard distribution, but not a

I'm not sure what you're looking at to get the package names you mention
actually but, for clarification, gcc-mingw-3.3.1-20030911-2.tar.bz2 is the 
name of the file for the gcc-mingw package that goes with gcc 3.3.1 on 
Cygwin.  It's under your setup cache directory, if you're curious and
want to find it.

>With the former two installed, things work just fine.

Then it sounds like you have no cause for concern.  My WAG is everyone
is talking about the same thing here.

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