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Re: Setup cant open package database error?

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Tim Gunter wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 04:18:38PM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Setup doesn't overwrite /etc/setup/installed.db in place.  Instead it
> > creates /etc/setup/, writes the necessary content to it,
> > then removes /etc/setup/installed.db and renames the .new file.  I'm
> > guessing the remove operation fails for you -- check the Windows ACLs on
> > /etc/setup, is your user allowed to delete files?
> not sure how to check the Windows ACLs on the files. i'm running
> Windows 2000 and cygwin is installed on a FAT32 partition. using
> getfacl, it looks as though i have write permission on the directory
> and the installed.db files. the DOS "cacls" command doesnt print
> out anything when i try and examine the acls assigned to these
> files.
> is there another way to check ACLs?
> or is the fact that im running from a FAT32 partition causing
> some of these problems?
> --tim

Well, you could right-click on the directory in Explorer and select
Properties -> Security -> Advanced...  I'm really not familiar with FAT32
filesystems - I think neither ntsec nor ntea work on them.  Is there a
possibility of moving Cygwin to an NTFS partition?  It would likely work
much better there anyway...

Can you remove "/etc/setup/installed.db" by hand and rename
"/etc/setup/" to it?  It might fix the problem, at least
for one setup run...
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