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Re: __cygwin__ ++ (RE: getuid() and root)

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 09:21:38PM +0200, Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail) wrote:
>> From: Corinna Vinschen
>> On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 08:41:59PM +0200, Hannu E K Nevalainen
>> (garbage mail) wrote:
>> > Current status as I've understood it is; As -mno-cygwin _ISN'T_ used
>> >  __CYGWIN__ and __CYGWIN32__ both will be #define 'd.
>> >
>> > Now the big Q: What is the difference between those?
>> __CYGWIN__ is the correct one.  __CYGWIN32__ was the predecessor
>> (pre french revolution).  Kept for backward compatibility.
>> Corinna
>Thanks. The use of __CYGWIN__ is clear and sound.
>I've been thinking that there is a need for a __NOCYGWIN__  define too (to
>be set when -mno-cygwin is used).
>Any thoughts about this? Good(tm) or Bad(tm)?


Rather than cast around in the dark here, you should be investigating gcc
options that tell you what is available.  I just did this and came up
with this incantation:

	gcc -dM -E -xc /dev/null

There's probably an easier way to do this (and if there is, there will
be five responses to this message pointing it out) but try the above
command.  Then try:

	gcc -mno-cygwin -dM -E -xc /dev/null

and compare/contrast the results.

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