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Re: checking for shmat in -lipc... no

Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:
While running configure for IceWM (I don't think it's a
question for cygwin-xfree) I noticed the following:

checking for shmat... no
checking for shmat in -lipc... no

The second test returned yes when I created libipc.a and
libipc.dll.a symlinks.

What's the right procedure for this test, which should be
present in other packages ? Ignore ? Create symlinks ? Change ?

Honestly, there is no "right thing" here. As you know, currently on cygwin IPC services are provided by the cygipc package (-lcygipc) which has only recently been added to the official distribution -- although the library has been around for years.

Long term, we'd like to complete the cygwin server, which will be an intrinsic part of the cygwin kernel, and not an add on package. So I hesitate to suggest "use -lcygipc" or recommend that upstream packages be modified to suit cygipc...because hopefully, eventually, cygipc will go away and the native kernel (+cygserver) will handle all of this.

So, I'd say just do what works (symlinks? fine...) and wait for "the real IPC server" to come along.

Or help make cygserver a reality sooner.


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